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how to paint my kitchen cabinets

Dec 25, 2015

How to paint my kitchen cabinets?In this section, we will introduce some tips to make you paint better.

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   The first is to buy suitable tools and brushes.The quality of the tools to brush out more thick coating,so that you can cover the original color.At the same time to ensure that the film durability, withstand repeated scrubbing.

   To repair, paint before leveling.We can use cleaning agent or clean water to remove dirt, dirt, etc., and to dry.If there is a hollow wall, we can also use putty to fill.

   How to paint my kitchen cabinets?We use water to run our own tools,such as wool brush and roller wet, and then dip in the material. The next is the brush paint.

   How to paint my kitchen cabinets?Paint the surface of the furniture,look closely and see if there is any chemical reaction. If it is not,we can do the next step. And then use the brush to paint open, open, close to brush, don't brush a brush that this piece of.Then use the brush to pull the paint away.

   How to paint my kitchen cabinets?The paint layer is medium thickness.If it is too thick, then there will be water ripples or paint unite into small pimple. Don't expect  that the effect and color is you want at the first time.

   How to paint my kitchen cabinets?I suggest that the brush paint from inside to outside.Inside the brush is not good, no one can see, the surface of the brush is not good, it is very ugly.Brush again after standing for two or three hours, paint the surface with his fingers on the back of the express touch, to feel dry without feeling for good adhesion. Brush second times. After brushing second times, paint dry thoroughly after use very fine water sandpaper, wet grinding, appearance. Mainly to remove the water ripples and paint a knot in one's heart. And prepare for varnish. 

   Usually after brushing of the furniture, we must brush the varnish, and thus to protect and increase the paint layer.

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