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how to clean white kitchen cabinets

Dec 25, 2015

White is the most classic color, it is often used in the decoration.The white European style cabinet will give a romantic fantasy, but the white is very easy to dirty,so how to clean white kitchen cabinets?Here, let us know about it.

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   How to clean white kitchen cabinets?First of all,not only the cabinets, all white furniture is best to use dry cloth to rub.We must try to reduce the use of wet cloth, this is because that the white paint layer after the water is easy to peel and fall off.Wipe with hot water,if it do not clean the dirt marks,we can use alcohol to wipe gently.

   How to clean white kitchen cabinets?In polished white furniture, it is best to use special cleaner, so you can keep the furniture continually renewed, and you can make the furniture white translucent. If the surface of white furniture to wipe off stains,we can use dentifrice or toothpaste to wipe gently, must pay attention that do not force too much, otherwise it will damage the film, and remember that don't use brush to brush.

   How to clean white kitchen cabinets?Not only to use a special cleaning agent, we should also regularly clean.If there is no cleaner, we can also use dentifrice or toothpaste to replace,but must not often use them, because the toothpaste will cause some wear and tear.If there is not too much trouble, but you can try to clean with egg and banana, usually about a month cleaning once, usually with a dry cloth wipe on it. 

   How to clean white kitchen cabinets?In fact, as long as a little attention,It's easy to clean.

   Avoid direct sunlight is a topic like a commonplace talk of an old scholar, in the summer, the time of sunshine is long, and the sun is very strong, this time the sun is like a weapon, it will directly damage the surface of furniture,and even cause the deformation of furniture, while the White House is also a direct sunlight direct sunlight.In the same way, the furniture is not to be put on the stove and the heat.

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