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how do i paint my kitchen cabinets

Dec 25, 2015

It is actually very simple,but for those who do not have the basis of people, I suggest to hire someone to do it. 

   How do i paint my kitchen cabinets?---Preparation before changing paint.

   To determine whether the color of the furniture can be changed.The furniture of the fire board and the plastic forming is not suitable for the color of the paint.If it is the log furniture, we can buy some sandpaper.If it is not the log furniture, we have to buy some "putty", used to fill and leveling.

OKorder  how do i paint my kitchen cabinets

   How do i paint my kitchen cabinets?---Polish

   Looking for a rectangular body,it is appropriate that hand can hold it.The smooth side is wrapped with sandpaper.After grinding down. The direction of the grinding plane is: the first horizontal vertical. Abrosive,When polished, first on the lower, outer rear first,the selection of sand paper is rough before fine.To see whether there are uneven local on the furniture,if so, putty for leveling, polished to a smooth state again. 

   How do i paint my kitchen cabinets?---mopping

   Paint brush with a little paint,paint the surface of the furniture,look at that whether there is a chemical reaction, if it is not,we're working on the next step.Then paint with a brush, spread out, to close to the brush.

Brush again after standing for two or three hours, paint the surface with his fingers on the back of the express touch,if you feel dry and no adhesion,it is said that it is OK.

Brush second times. After brushing second times, paint dry thoroughly after use very fine water sandpaper, wet grinding, appearance. 

   How do i paint my kitchen cabinets?---Paint layer protection

   Usually furniture after brushing is finished, we have to brush varnish, to protect and increase the paint layer. Varnish is also consistent with the method of painting, but each time the amount of paint brush is less.

   How do i paint my kitchen cabinets?---ending

   Be sure to wait for the paint to dry out and remove the protection of the furniture, and seal the remaining paint to the place where the child is not easy to touch.

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