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what is silicone rubber

Dec 25, 2015

Silicone rubber (SiliconeRubber) is a molecular bond properties of both inorganic and organic polymer elastic material, the primary key elements of its silicon atoms and oxygen atoms by the turn of the composition of (- Si-o-Si-) silicon-oxygen bond in up 370kj/mol, rubber than carbon - carbon bonds that can 240KJ/mol much more, this is a very high thermal stability of silica gel with one of the main. Silicone rubber has the most extensive operating temperature range (-100 ~ 350oC), resistance to high temperature performance, also has excellent thermal stability, electrical insulation, weather resistance, ozone resistance, air permeability, high transparency , tear strength, excellent heat resistance and excellent adhesion, flow and mold release, some special silicone rubber also has excellent oil resistance, solvent resistance, high resistance to radiation and the use of low temperature characteristics. rumen8.com-started it, investors get into a good helper.

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Silicone rubber is a cross-linked by the oxygen and silicon into a polymer made from a unique synthetic elastomer. It is the perfect balance of mechanical and chemical properties, which can meet many of today's demanding applications requirements.

Organic silicon material primarily from the silicone oil, silicone rubber, silicone resins and silane coupling agent four major categories of composition, silicone rubber is the production of silicone products, the largest, most widely used of a large class of products. Its main component is a high molecular weight linear polysiloxane. As the Si-O-Si bond is composed of the basic bond of its type, the main connection methyl silicon atom, the introduction of a very small amount of the side chain of the unsaturated group, the interactions among the small, spiral structure of molecules, methyl outwards array can rotate freely, so after curing silicone rubber with excellent resistance to high temperature, weather, water-repellent, electrical insulation, physical inertia and other characteristics, the national defense, health, industrial and agricultural production and people's daily lives were a wide range of applications.  

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