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what is organic fertilizer

Dec 25, 2015

Organic fertilizers are fertilizer compounds that contain one or more kinds of organic matter. The ingredients may be animal or vegetable matter or a combination of the two. It is possible to purchase commercial brands of organic rich fertilizer as well as prepare organic fertilizer at home by building a compost heap.

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When describing fertilizer, it is important to remember that the working definition of organic is the same as that applied to organic foods. That is, the fertilizer is composed of elements that are produced in a completely natural manner, without the aid of any synthetically manufactured components or additives.

Many different natural elements can go into the creation of organic fertilizer. Animal manure is a common ingredient in both commercial and home prepared blends. Rotten produce, bone meal, and the decomposing plants removed at the end of the season can also be chopped or ground in to small particles for inclusion in the fertilizer. Essentially, any matter that is of natural origin and subject to decomposition is a good candidate for inclusion in the product 

Organically prepared fertilizing agents can be used to grow vegetables, raise flowers, and even to produce a lush green lawn. As with any type of fertilizing product, the organic grass fertilizer is spread evenly across the expanse of the yard. Often, the fertilization process takes place before the grass seeds are sown. Once the soil is properly tilled and mixed with the organic lawn fertilizer, the seeds are distributed and the area is watered. The presence of the natural materials helps the seeds to spout and take root, eventually producing a beautiful carpet of grass across the lawn.

In like manner organic fertilizer can be used in vegetable gardens to replenish the nutrient content in the soil. This is often done prior to planing the next round of crops in the garden. Preparing the soil in advance provides the ideal setting for the newly planted seeds or young plants to take root and grow rapid

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