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What is a rubber tree

Dec 24, 2015

Rubber trees, deciduous trees, have milky sap. It requires average annual rainfall of 1150 to 2500 mm, but rubber trees should not be planted in areas of low humidity. Suitable for growing in the deep soil , fertile and moist, well-drained acidic sandy loam . Shallow-rooted branches are more vulnerable, with poor ability to adapt to the wind, cannot withstand cold and would reduce latex yield. Planted 6 to 8 years it can be excised glue, seedling trees' economic life reach 35 to 40 years, budding trees reach 15 to 20 years, the growth of life is about 60 years. Rubber trees planting area is mainly distributed in Hainan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Yunnan in China.

OKorder What is a rubber tree

Rubber (Rubber): Rubber tree is a kind of reversible deformation elastomeric polymer material. 

Under room temperature,it has the characterrictic of elastic. Under a small external force ,it can produce large deformation,after you remove the external force ,it can restore the status in the previous condition. Rubber belong to a completely amorphous polymer, its glass transition temperature (Tg) is low .And molecular weight tend to be large, more than hundreds of thousands. 

The word rubber comes from the Indian language of rubber cau-uchu, meaning "weeping tree." When natural rubber is Hevea tapping by the outflow of latex by coagulation, drying and produced. In 1770, British chemist J. Priestley found that rubber can be used to wipe away the pencil writing, then the material for this purpose is called a rubber, this word ha been used until now. Molecular chains may be crosslinked rubber, rubber crosslinked deformed by external force,it has the ability to recover quickly, and has good physical and mechanical properties and chemical stability.

The rubber plant which is grown as a houseplant is also known as the rubber fig or Indian rubber tree. It is native to Southeast Asia, and in the wild it can grow quite large. People who cultivate it as an ornamental tend to keep it trimmed and in small pots to prevent it from getting too large. The tree has distinctive dark green leathery leaves with a glossy finish and an oblong shape, and it produces small, figlike fruits which can yield viable seeds in the presence of fig wasps. Most people prefer to grow the plant from cuttings, rather than seeds.

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