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what to use to clean granite

Dec 24, 2015

 Cleaning methods of granite:

OKorder  what to use to clean granite

   1,When the paint and paint on granite,what to use to clean granite?

   When the paint or paint dripped on the granite on, in addition to the adhesion on the surface, there is a part of the shallow penetration into the stone.Before washing, we must use a thin blade to peel off the surface of the stone material,And then use the selected cleaning agent to start cleaning. If there is a similar experience in the past, then you can choose and use the appropriate cleaning agent according to experience. Otherwise, we must try to carry out the appropriate selection and trial,but avoid to abusise.But regardless of the method or cleaning agent,it's best to try in small area,then use a large range in determining effect and dosage.

   2,For the daily pollution and stain,what to use to clean granite?

   For some common grease,we can choose to clean the agents that are more alkaline, or weakly alkaline, or neutral containing the surfactant formula.When cleaning, please pour the detergent on the working surface.brush with a slightly harder brush,then soak for a while (about 10 minutes), then scrub with a brush, and then clean up the dirty liquid, and then scrub on both sides. Of course, you can repeat the process in front of the case.

   3,For the rust,what to use to clean granite?

   Granite rust usually has two kinds,the rest of the sewage to rust stone change.

Like the granite surface from iron rust erosion by rain and the advertisement frame flowing down; the other is a granite by water damage when material in the further oxidation of iron compounds produced by diffusion. At the same time, after the removal of rust should be timely waterproof treatment on the stone, because too much water mark, also can make the stone pollution. 

   What to use to clean granite?Cleaning and maintenance of granite stains:

   1, granite resistance to pH is superior to marble, so when the use of weak acid

Cleaning agent 2, granite hardness is greater than the marble, the wear degree is good. 3, the granite material density, the absorbent is strong, easy to water stone plaque formation in the joints, and not easy to dry, so it is difficult to eradicate, cleaning and maintenance, far less water, using water should also be fast dry. 4, the granite is strong oil absorption, as far as possible to prevent oil pollution. 5, pay attention to slip.

   What to use to clean granite?What are the matters needing attention in the construction of granite cleaning?

   1, Wai file protection: use warning signs fence construction site, to prevent other people into damage.

   2, stone is dry: stone surface should be natural ventilation, dry, not to use high temperature, fire and other drying method.

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