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what is basalt used for

Dec 24, 2015

 What are composite doors?Basalt is a kind of high-quality traffic building stone.Especially in the construction of highway, railway, port, airport runway,it is one of the best construction materials.It has a lot of characteristics: the compressive strength is large, the crushing value is low, wear resistance, water absorption is low, the conductivity is weak, corrosion resistance is strong, asphalt adhesion is strong. 

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   What are composite doors?The vesicular basalt, also known as pumice, its pores, hard texture, it can be mixed in concrete,it can reduce the weight of concrete, not only durable, but also has the characteristics such as noise insulation.Pumice is good abrasive materials, it can be used for grinding, metal grinding stone; in industry it can also be used as a filter, dryer and catalyst, and it is also widely used in landscape gardening, mainly used as rockery, bonsai and so on, but also for home decoration.

   What are composite doors?Basalt is a good raw material which can produce "cast stone".After melting, crystallization, annealing, etc.It can form alloy steel. In an advanced process of cast steel, the basalt can also play a lubricant role, it can prolong the life of the casting; and basalt also can be drawn into a glass fiber.

   What are composite doors?According to need, the fiber is coated with silane and other wetting agent. With concrete or mortar, it can effectively control the concrete (mortar) micro cracks caused by solid plastic shrinkage, to prevent and restrain the formation and development of cracks, greatly improve concrete anti cracking impermeability, impact and seismic capacity,it is widely used in highways, airports, ports, bridges, tunnels, reservoirs, ponds, underground engineering, concrete pavement, subway, civil air defense engineering and other fields.

   What are composite doors?It is used to build the rockery of garden,or it is carved into the little and dainty bonsai.

   It has been weathered to form hexagonal columnar mesophase.Severe weathering can form brown basaltic soil.If the rain leaching, removing the silica formation of bauxite. Some of the basalt porosity also filled with copper, cobalt, sulfur and other minerals. 

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