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what is it about elevators

Dec 24, 2015

What is it about elevators?Accessories, refers to the assembly of mechanical parts or components,or damaged and re - install the parts or components.

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   What is it about elevators?What is the classification?

   Accessories can be divided into two categories: standard accessories and optional accessories.Standard parts are auxiliary parts for random.Although the standard model of the models are not the same,the common standard configuration parts are: memory and the supply box.Of course, for different models, the size of the memory and the capacity of the paper box are different. The standard configuration of the situation can be understood by referring to the product description.If there is a lack of standard configuration, to a certain extent,it will affect the use and performance of the product.

Optional accessories are in addition to the standard configuration,components that improve the performance of the product are required to purchase another.

   What is it about elevators---lighting accessories

   Light source, terminal, sensor, converter, adapter, light box, inductance ballast, electronic ballast, acrylic accessories, plastic accessories, special tube, filament, electronic components, capacitor, bracket, hardware, ceramic pieces, plastic and glass parts, die casting, rectifier, transformer, voltage regulator, Qi Huiqi, wire, socket, plug, switch, lamp holder, lamp holder, lamp, fiber, crystal, lamp, lamp, lamp, lamp, pedestal, column, weight and floor. According to the requirements of different protection, there are a lot of small accessories. Such as rubber plug, eight terminals, wire buckle, buckle, pipe plug, screw, gasket and so on.

   What is it about elevators---auto parts

   Engine: engine assembly, filters, cylinders and components, oil seal, oil pump and nozzle, economizer, valve tappet, tubing, rod assembly, camshaft, crankshaft and connecting rod bearing, valves and components, fuel tank, a piston, flywheel ring gear, tensioner pulley, belt, turbocharger, carburetor, three catalytic converter, fuel injection device, starter and accessories, other launch system of automotive engine accessories.

   Body and accessories: car shell, door, car glass, car mirror, license plate frame, car seats and accessories, bearings, handrails, handles, handle, grille, fender, cab and accessories, automobile airbag, safety belt, automobile glass lifter, antenna, wiper, car, car muffler horn, car seal bumper, luggage, luggage rack, extrusion parts, stamping parts, exhaust pipe, body accessories and other auto parts.

   What is it about elevators?How does it need to be maintained?

   Avoid heat, avoid the dirty, avoid the anti -, avoid

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