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what happens when pipes freeze

Dec 24, 2015

Water expands when it freezes.If it freeze then the water pipe will be broken. Most piping systems allow for expansion and contraction, but only to a certain point. Once there is nowhere else for the pressure to go, the pipe will usually crack or burst. Different piping materials also may become more brittle under severe temperatures. This can usually be alleviated by insulating your homes crawlspace, as well as the pipes and for northern regions may even require the use of heat trace tape to prevent bursting.

OKorder what happens when pipes freeze

Water will run until a valve or pump is shut off upstream from water main break.

Over a quarter of a million homes experience frozen pipes each winter. Not only are frozen pipes expensive to repair, your home and contents may be ruined. In a matter of minutes a one-eighth inch crack can release 250 gallons of water and disrupt your life in ways you may never imagine.

Sub-zero temperatures and cold winds can wreak havoc on your water pipes if they’re not protected. What can you do now to prepare for that first frost to ensure your pipes don’t freeze and burst this year.

When any pipe in your plumbing system freezes, it puts at risk for bursting. This means that it will freeze, then break open. The water inside expands when frozen, putting pressure on the pipe. It combines with air and gas inside, Causes further expansion and eventually the pipe cannot withstand the pressure and cracks open.

One little crack in a water pipe can send two hundred to three hundred gallons of water a day into your home.

I hope that you have never had to experience bursting water pipes in your home. It is not a pleasant sight when you see the damage that all that water can cause and the amount of property damage that has to be repaired.

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