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what does hinge mean

Dec 24, 2015

What does hinge mean?The hinge is a mechanical deviceused which connect the two solids and allow them to rotate.A hinge may be made of a movable component, or by a collapsible material. The hinge is mainly installed on windows, and most of them are installed in the cabinet hinge.

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   What does hinge mean?What is its structure classification?

   1, according to the ?type of the base,it is divided into: fixed and detachable;

   2, according to the type of arm body is divided into: slide type and cassette two;


3, according to the position of door cover,it is divided into: full cover (straight and curved, straight arm) generally cover 18 per cent, half cover (in bending, crank cover) 9 per cent, inside (big bend, hidden inside the door all Daqu);

   4, according to the development stage of the hinge,it is divided into: a force hinge, the two part of the force hinge, hydraulic buffer hinge, touch the hinge, etc.;

   5,According to the open angle,there are:General:95-110 degrees, special:25 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 135 degrees, 165 degrees, 180 degrees, etc.;

   6, according to the type of hinge,it is divided into one or two sections: ordinary hinge, short arm hinge, hinge, hinge cup 26 miniature billiard, aluminum frame door hinge, hinge, hinge, special angle glass hinge, hinge, American rebound damping hinge and thick door hinge etc..

   What does hinge mean?---General hinge

   It can be used for cabinet doors, windows, doors, etc.. The hinge, from the material can be divided into: iron, copper, stainless steel. From the specification,it can be divided into: 2 "(50mm), 2.5 (65mm), 3 (75mm), 4 (100mm), 5 (125mm), 6 (150mm),the disadvantage of ordinary hinge is that it does't have the function of the spring hinge.

   What does hinge mean?---The door hinge

   It is also divided into ordinary type and bearing type,from the material ,bearing type can be divided into copper, stainless steel.

   What does hinge mean?---Cabinet hinge

   Including nylon hinge which has high wear resistance.Corrosion resistance, high strength zinc alloy hinges, hinge; corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, high strength stainless steel hinge, often used in mechanical and electrical products machinery and equipment operation box door, etc.

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