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What are composite doors

Dec 24, 2015

    As the name implies, the composite door is made of two or more than two kinds of main materials. What are composite doors? How to choose the appropriate composite door? What is the structure of the composite door? The general structure of the composite door is within the framework, the door core, decorated panels, according to the material of the components, the practice determines the performance, quality, price.

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    To know what are composite doors, easy to select the appropriate composite door, from the appearance

1 see the edge, because professional manufacturers are using modern machines and equipment, using imported glue sealing side of high temperature high pressure, after the room door edge should be neat and firm.

2 look at hardware accessories, in addition to the production process of the wooden door itself, the quality of the metal parts also affect the life of the wooden doors. The hinge is connected with the door and door frame of a kind of hardware, the hinge has good anticorrosion performance and transmission, to ensure that the hinge force uniform, no damage due to the self weight of the door.

3 see decorative veneer is composed of two parts, one is material, refers to the type of room door wood veneer, determines the color and texture of the bedroom door, bedroom door materials on the market are mainly walnut, cherry, oak, Manchurian ash, etc.; two is the finishing quality, process quality and finishing paint decision finish quality window, the quality of paint and advanced spray paint technology, can ensure that every fan room doors are paint smooth, uniform color, texture clear.

4 look at the material of environmental protection, all of the raw materials are environmentally friendly materials to produce environmentally friendly products, the best environmental protection department inspection certificate.

5 look at services, manufacturers have their own service system is also very critical, consumers in the contract, the delivery of products, acceptance, the quality of the warranty period, the solution should be indicated in the contract by the manufacturers to complete.

6 the manufacturing process of wooden doors directly affect the service life of the door, in general, after the use of wooden doors for a period of time, often more prone to deformation, cracking and other phenomena, thereby reducing the doors of the noise effect, sealing and performance.


     We understand what are composite doors, know what are composite doors, easy to select the appropriate composite door.

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