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How to open a lock with a credit card

Dec 24, 2015

Do you know the credit card?And do you know how to open a lock with a credit card? 

OKorder How to open a lock with a credit card

1,the credit card is overdrawn interest free card。2,if your credit is good, you can repay on time, the longest interest free credit card to borrow money in the bank for 50 days; 3, method of use: credit card, POS machines in the online shopping, also can be in urgent need of money when cash (this will pay the fee and the interest is not recommended). In short, a lot of benefits, it is convenient, but to pay attention to protect the good card information and passwords, do not forget the repayment time.

   Here is a story about that how to open a lock with a credit card.

Since the spring rain,the wet weather lasted several months. One day, finally get up to see the sun, please wash linens, clean air conditioners. Seventeen month old grandson while adults busy, but also play the door switch game, and so we have to enter a room, found the door locked from the inside to open up. This 'hundred tired star' is actually a good belt, usually smile showing people, everywhere, do not tangle adults. He is lively when trouble, usually a semicircular door ring, prevent the clip of his hand, this negligence is not set on the 'color ring'. All keys are in the room, but it is locked in the room, but to find the lock man! He wants to ask him how to open a lock witn a credit card.Go downstairs management office, this would like to find a lock company, but the elite of the administrator to ask a few questions: what kind of lock? Have you used any other keys? There is no old credit card inserted into a pry pry? Old credit cards are there, but how to pry the law? The administrator is kind enough to follow? Upstairs, I provide with the card from the door hard to insert, almost no door, see he had a tremendous effort, in a card, but nothing left right twist twist. Card came out, tried many times, just want to tell him to give up, do not want to open the door at this time...... Call please

   How to open a lock with a credit card,this is a problem ,but it can hurt the lock,if someone else ask you how to open a lock with a credit card,be careful!

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