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How to lock sd card

Dec 24, 2015

   Do you know how to lock sd card?

OKorder How to lock sd card

   Smart phones play an important role in our daily life and work, especially for high-end people, smart phones are playing an important role in different times. In addition to entertainment features, the smart phone is more important for the high-end people to work on the task of sharing, sending and receiving e-mail, contact customers, business negotiations and so on, for the high-end business to bring convenience to the work experience. As such an important work of essential goods, mobile phone will store a lot of important business information and personal privacy, but the occurrence of security problems of information leakage, the consequences will be unbearable to contemplate.And you should know how to lock sd card. Here are some tips may help you know how to lock sd card.

   To connect the phone to the computer with the connecting line to the computer and then format 2,if you send the SD card slot, plug into the SD card slot, into the support of the SD card digital products connected to the computer format. 3 ,with TF card reader connected to the computer to determine the formatting 4 ,your card is not a copycat, Kingston now available in the standard rate of around 5%, copycat card often this unable to identify the problem.5,take the eraser and metal contact card, several attempts.

   And this is another tips about how to lock sd card. In the SD card root directory to look for it: 'LOST.DIR' file, if there is a phone system to read and write logic (built-in SD card) or the quality of the SD card to lead to data loss, this situation you can try to find data recovery software recovery. And confirmed to be able to find a hidden directory called '.Tmfs'. After you can re install Tencent mobile housekeeper decryption, and retrieve files, decrypt password or password you set before you. But there may be a situation: to find the.Tmfs of the hidden directory, or unable to decrypt data, this situation, the general data recovery is not complete, no professional repair data means support, the majority of data has been lost.

   There are some methods of how to lock sd card.

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