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how to install a door hinge

Dec 24, 2015

   In fact, we are not unfamiliar to the hinge.Cabinets, doors and other places usually use this stuff.But how to install a door hinge?

OKorder how to install a door hinge

   About the hinge,there are three different ways of basical installation.

   How to install a door hinge?---Full cover

   It covers all the side panels of the cabinet, there is a certain gap between the them ,so that the door can be safely opened. 

   How to install a door hinge?---Half cover

   In this case,the two doors share a plate. There is a minimum total gap between them. Each door cover is reduced, and the hinge of the hinge arm is needed. Qu (9.5 mm)

   How to install a door hinge?---enclosed 

   In this case, the door is located inside the cabinet, in the side of the cabinet.It also requires a gap, so that the door can be safely opened.It requires a hinged arm that is very crooked.

   How to install a door hinge?Here, to teach you some small hinged knowledge:

   1, minimum gap

   The minimum clearance required to open the door of the side edge of the minimum distance. The minimum clearance is determined by the C distance, the door thickness, and the hinge type. When the door is rounded, the minimum gap is reduced. The required minimum clearance can be searched from each of the different hinge corresponding tables.

   2,the minimum gap of half door

   When the two doors share a side,the total clearance required is astwice as the minimum gap,so that the two door can be opened at the same time.

   3, C distance

   C distance is the distance between the door and the cup hole of the hinge edges.The maximum C size for each hinge is different from the different hinge model. The smaller the C distance, the smaller the minimum gap.


   Clearance is the case in the full cover,the distance of the outside door to the ark;

In the semi cover case,the distance between two doors;In the case of the inside of the door, the door gap refers to the edge of the distance to the side panels of the cabinet.

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