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how to fix door closer

Dec 24, 2015

The new door closer is in use for a week to 10 days,you should check all the screws, and retighten again.

OKorder how to fix door closer

   Please use the hydraulic oil recommended by the manufacturer.For cold areas should use a hydraulic oil which low pour point.

   How to fix door closer?Door closers should be regularly checked after putting into use, check the contents are: the mounting screws is loose and lost, and the door or the door frame is connected with the arm collision, the door body is loose, deformation and closing buffer effect, supporting guide leakage etc..

   How to fix door closer?The following problems are typically used for a period of time after the door is closed:

1) the mounting screws are loose or missing, causing the door behind the door to not in the correct installation position, the connecting arm is damaged;

2) when the door closes, the buffer effect becomes worse, which leads to the impact between the door and the door frame;

   How to fix door closer?The most critical mass of the door is whether oil spills.The main reason for the oil spill is:Small gears support the guide pieces of wear, so that the gap increases, sealing ring wear caused by a decline in sealing effect, or in the regulation of the buffer effect, the throttle valve spool counterclockwise rotation left the valve body.

   How to fix door closer?The reduction of the buffer effect of the door is due to the following: the leakage of oil spills into the air, or the gap between the cylinder and the valve body is caused by the increase of the gap between the cylinder and the valve body. Therefore, the material, heat treatment and machining quality and precision of the small gear and the supporting guide is very important.

   How to fix door closer?For the poor buffer effect of the door device,it can not solve the problem only by throttling.Must be repaired,if it is supported by the oil spill, and remove support guide, check the condition of the sealing ring, such as wear or aging failure, replace sealing ring. 

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