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how to adjust a door closer

Dec 24, 2015

 The door closer is always used in the size of buildings and shopping malls,is widely used in the entrance of the office building, to avoid the spread of fire, the effective protection of the building's personal safety.

OKorder how to adjust a door closer

   Almost all of the closed doors have two levels of adjustable function: the speed of the door and the lock.So how to adjust a door closer? Below I will introduce the function and regulation of the door closer.

   How to adjust a door closer?For building doors, open the damping is very important function.Because the door is not only to prevent the door to prevent the excessive activity of the open door,even more important, to prevent the event of the fan in the open when encountered strong winds, which will lead to damage the door with the excessive opening, in general, only high-end door to have this feature.

   How to adjust a door closer?

Lagging behind closed doors is a special feature, the purpose is to make the active fans in the open position for a period of time and then close,this function is very important in a situation where there are children and the elderly.

   How to adjust a door closer?The adjustable of the closing force  is the symbol of the high-grade door.High - grade door - door can accurately adjust the level of force behind closed doors. A closed door force is usually a particular performance of a type of model, but sometimes it may change. For example, in the winter wind, the door may need to have a larger door, and the summer monsoon hours, may need to be closed smaller, make it easier for people to open the activities.

   How to adjust a door closer?Active fan is also an important function, but the fire door and other special device can not set up to stop the function.

   Above these functions of regulation,some control valves are controlled by way of oil,some of which are achieved through the annex, and some are designed and can not be changed, according to the manufacturer's instructions to determine.

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