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Basic working principle of automatic door

Dec 24, 2015

How do automatic doors work, the basic composition of the automatic door machine is roughly the same, with more than one, and then with the door signal, you can configure a set of simple automatic door system.

OKorder Basic working principle of automatic door

     How do automatic doors work, we need to know the system configuration of automatic door. We know the automatic door system configuration, how do automatic doors work .Automatic door system configuration is defined according to the use requirements and equipped with automatic door controller connected to the peripheral auxiliary control device, such as open signal source, access control system, safety device, centralized control, etc.. Must be based on the use of the characteristics of the building. Through the personnel, the building automation system requirements and so on, with the auxiliary control device.

     1, open the door signal

     Automatic door opening signal is the contact signal, microwave radar and infrared sensor are commonly used two kinds of signal source


     2, access control systems and non public areas of automatic door

     If the performance and quality of automatic doors is the highest, it is in the use of large public areas of high frequency, then the automatic door function is the highest for the import and export of non public areas. Access control system is the identification of entry authorization. After the identification or detection of the entry is authorized, the control system of the automatic door is provided with an open signal

     3, the automatic door is unlocked

     The coordination between the action and open action, the electronic lock is applied to automatic sliding door with electric lock belt lock electromagnetic lock and lock the door hanger, three lock motor. 

     4, centralized control

     The concept of centralized control, including centralized monitoring and automatic door operation and centralized operation more than two meanings of automatic door automatic door open, centralized monitoring is realized by the position signal output circuit can be closed, can use the contact switch, and reach a certain position (such as open position), touch switch and given contact signal.

     Familiar with automatic control device, it is easy to understand how do automatic doors work, So as to know how do automatic doors work.

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