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What is your future car in 2030

Dec 10, 2015

Everyone has its own concept of future cars. What do you think cars will look like in future like in the year of 2030?

Your future cars in future will be a living room with wheels.

Okorder what is your future car in 2030

But a Swiss tuner store known for exotic automobiles, the latest concept vehicle from Rinspeed, shows that the automotive technology of today is rapidly catching up with all the future.

This will turn auto cottages into living room and office spaces, and may relegate passengers right into a passive part.

There was a Lotus Elise that doubled as a sub that is fast, the 2008 sQuba. There was the 2009 shapeshifting iChange, a concept sports car that transformed its seating arrangement--with the swipe of an iPhone--for three passengers, two or one.

Yet, using the XchangE, which uses the Tesla Model S as its stage, we're just starting to see technologies and designs --until quite recently relegated to the domain of science fiction--crop up in automobiles offered by your friendly local area auto dealership.

In the press release of Rinspeed, we're told the XchangE can keep in touch with the road, other cars, and cloud-based services via an LTE network. Journey-special services, for example warning messages about recommendations and road conditions are accessible instantly.

Mobile programs and dashboard displays offer these kinds of characteristics. Vehicle to vehicle systems using LTE and DSRC are being extensively examined. True, only at that phase, into driving choices with a human being, the flow of information still must be interpreted.

It seems that we have trapped to the long run of driving. Just a couple of years back, auto show concept cars with various displays supplying our children or grandkids to navigation, amusement, and motorist support were project as something might love.

Last thing, auto-driving will be used more and more in the future cars of 2030. There is no need to drive your own car anymore since auto-driving is safer than human.

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