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What is System Security

Dec 10, 2015

By definition, the technical term system security or computer security refers to the control of access to a computer system's resources, specially its data and operating system files. System security uses techniques to make sure that data stored in a PC will not be read or retrieved by any persons without computer’s authorization.

Most computer security measures involve data encryption and passwords. Data encryption is the translation of information into a form that's unintelligible without a deciphering mechanism. A password is a secret word or phrase that provides user access to system or a specific application.

Information systems security does not just deal with computer info, but also protecting information and data in all its own kinds, for example telephone communications.

Risk assessments should be performed to determine what information poses the greatest danger. For example, one system may have the most crucial info onto it and consequently will need more security measures to maintain security. Disaster recovery preparation and business continuity planning are other facets of an information systems security professional. This professional will plan for what could occur in case a major company disruption occurs, but still allow company to carry on as usual.

In addition, it refers to:

Access controls, which prevent unauthorized employees from getting or entering a computer system

Shielding advice regardless of where that info is, i.e. in transportation system (such as in an e-mail) or in a storage area.

The detection and remediation of security violations, along with recording those occasions.

So how to make your system or computer more safe to all kinds of risks? Firstly, it’s important that your system passwords safe and never let them known by others. Secondly, regularly update your system (for example, install necessary security updates in Windows operating system) so that your system is healthy and strong.

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