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How do LCD Displays Work

Dec 10, 2015

LCD display is commonly seen around us. It’s used in Computer display, or in TV. Have you ever thought how it works?

You most likely use things including an LCD (liquid crystal display) every day. They're all in a number of other electronic devices, digital clocks and watches, microwave ovens, CD players and laptop computers.

The name "liquid crystal" seems just like a contradiction. We think of a crystal as a good material like quartz, generally as hard as stone, as well as a liquid is clearly distinct. How could the two be combined by any substance?

We learned that there are three common states of matter: liquid, solid or gaseous. Solids behave how that they do because their molecules remain in the exact same place with respect together and constantly keep their orientation. The molecules in liquids are just the reverse: They go any place in the liquid and can alter their orientation. However there are a few materials that may exist within an unusual state that's like a liquid and sort of like a solid. Their molecules often keep up their orientation, such as the molecules but in addition move around to various places, such as the molecules in a liquid, when they're in this state. That is how they ended up with their name that is apparently contradictory.

Do liquid crystals behave like liquids or solids or something different? It will take a material that is suitable to alter from a solid into a liquid crystal, also it just requires slightly more heat to turn that same liquid crystal into a liquid that is real. This clarifies the reason why they can be utilized to produce thermometers and mood rings and why liquid crystals are extremely sensitive to temperature. In addition, it describes why a notebook computer screen may behave funny or during a hot day in the shore.

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