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How Much does a LED Display Cost

Dec 10, 2015

Just want to know how much does LED or an LED screen display cost?

The price or cost of LED display, an LED screen or electronic billboard depends on two variants. Those two variables are the total size of the LED display, and also the complete resolution of the LED screen.

The absolute size of the LED screen: The bigger or larger the LED display the higher the cost. The values are derived from USD/sqm, which suggests that if the absolute size is 24sqm, the price will be 24 multiplied by the cost per sqm.

The total resolution of the screen: The more number of LED's, the screen, or the more pixels has the higher the price will be. As an example if your screen has 49,000 pixels, it and is 12sqm will be more economical if the LED display is 12sqm with 120,000 pixels. This is because more LED lamps will be placed onto the screen that is a higher price. But on the other hand the more LED's the display has, the more complex the detail will undoubtedly be of pictures and the videos that the LED screen will be publishing.

Why LED screens have various costs and prices?

Some customers would like to have the general public to find out their LED display from a distance of 10 meters and additional, yet others from 20 meters and additional. The more resolution/sqm a screen has the nearer will be the viewing distance without loosing detail studying the display from closeby. For that we consistently want your client to reply several questions to learn the appropriate LED screen size and resolution and come together with the proper proposition to us.

In case you'd like to know what are our prices per square meter please let us know and give us a call, or contact us by writing an email or online chat. We can send you our prices and you can figure out what will soon be the perfect size and appropriate resolution for the LED display that meets your budget.

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