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A kid will ask you what is a battery

Dec 10, 2015

Kids are always curious; they ask why this happens or why that happens. Have you ever been asked what a battery is? So how will you answer this question. 

They are used by you to power several appliances in the home. In addition, you see them in a lot of your remote controlled gadgets. View this video to understand about that battery that powers the DISPLAY remote, your remote controlled car or your PSP.

Can you imagine a world where all electric appliances must be plugged in?

Torches, mobile phones and toys could be tethered to electrical outlets, making them inconvenient and awkward.

Batteries supply mobile, suitable sources of energy for powering devices without cables or wires.

A dry cell is a standard form of battery used now. It essentially converts stored chemical energy.

In most fundamental terms, a battery cell consists of three parts:

- as well as the electrolyte

- A cathode (positive charge)

- and also the electrolyte

Due to some chemical reaction inside the battery the anode builds an oversupply of electrons up. Displace the excess electrons in the cathode and the electrons wish to rearrange themselves. On the other hand, the electrons cannot go is ensured by the electrolyte right to the cathode.

When the circuit is closed (using the aid of a "conductive course" between the anode and cathode), the electrons can go to the cathode. This, in turn supplies electricity to any appliance set on the way.

That is one way batteries work.

Over time this electrochemical procedure changes the chemical make-up in cathode and the anode and they cease supplying electrons.

And that is the way a battery "expires."

Batteries supply a mobile way to obtain electricity, that makes modern conveniences potential to us.

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