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how much does a car battery cost

Dec 10, 2015

You may need to know how much a car battery will cost before you would like to replace it. 

Typical prices:

-- Based on the make and model of the automobile, expect to cover about $50-$120 to get an average car battery and $90-$200 or more to get a superior battery using an extended guarantee and better cold weather operation, or one to get a luxury vehicle. Reduction big box stores or most auto parts supply free setup in the event the battery is bought from them, while other battery retailers may charge $10-$100 or more for setup, according to where the battery can be found in their hourly labour rates as well as the car.

-- For instance, from 2013 to 2014, CostHelper subscribers reported paying $52-$130 to get a car battery with do it yourself setup, at an average cost of $86.

-- An auto club tow truck may offer immediate battery replacement as an alternative to towing.

-- Car dealerships are normally for having a replacement battery installed, the most high-priced choice. CostHelper subscribers who had their battery replaced in a car dealership reported prices of$90-$307, for a typical cost of $204.

-- Costs for many car batteries have improved substantially recently, due in part to the increasing cost of lead (a vital element in many car batteries) and increasingly stringent environmental, safety and health standards for making with lead.

Shopping for a car battery:

Make sure that the battery meets driving conditions and the climate in addition to the vehicle make and model. Consumer Reports has a car battery.

Car batteries can be found via a large number of retailers, including AutoZone , Pep Boys , Sears or Walmart.

If you are still not sure of the actual cost of a car battery that you are going to replace, call your local car shop will be a good idea.

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