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Tires brand and ranking

Dec 10, 2015


. Tires are usually installed on the metal rim, can support the body, the buffer external shocks, realization of contact with the road surface and ensure the vehicle driving performance. Tires are often used under the condition of complex and demanding, it when driving under various deformation, load, force and the function of the high and low temperature, so you must have high load-bearing performance, traction performance and buffer performance. At the same time, it also requires high abrasion resistance, flexing resistance, and low rolling resistance and thermal resistance. The following will have a look at how tire brand. 

  This is the world's ten famous tire brand, according to the performance and use, also ranked for tire brand. Their ranking is (according to sales) : the first is: French Michelin, the second is: the Japanese bridgestone is 3: the Goodyear is 4: Germany is 5: mainland Italy pirelli is 6: Japan's sumitomo is 7: yokohama, Japan is 8: American cooper is 9:10 south Korean hankook is: toyo: 11 Han Guojin lake tires: 12 giti tire 13: Moscow; 14: triangle group in China. Actually according to the current market sales, bridgestone and Michelin is one of the world's biggest seller of the two brands. 

  Was born in Scotland in 1845, the civil engineer of r. w. Tom germinal pneumatic tire, and to the carriage wheels and other vehicles improved, obtained a patent for the British government. On December 10th, in the same year the first birth of pneumatic tire. At the same time, along with the widespread use of the tire, many tyre manufacturers also scrambling, different tires brands also have output. I believe, with the progress of science and technology, tire brand at the same time of constantly updated, quality will be better and better. 

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