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Electric bicycle review

Dec 10, 2015

    Electric bicycle, now more and more common in life. But in order to ensure that everyone's interests, electric bicycle review is also essential. With the increasing of human environmental protection consciousness and oil resources became more and more dry, no pollution, low noise electric bicycle has alternatives to traditional bicycle to become the needs of the people walking, fitness and leisure, many countries in the world is the electric bicycle is regarded as the future of transportation development trend. So, for everyone's safety and interests, on a regular basis to do electric bicycle review, still very necessary. 

   According to the information provided by the European electric bicycle sales promotion agency, the European market demand for electric bicycle every year only 5 million units, and the United States and Japan have greater market demand, southeast Asian countries have a larger market space for development. The electric bicycle industry in China started late, leading technology, small batch on the market from 1997 to now, its production and sales remain sharply year by year times the speed of growth momentum of development. According to incomplete statistics, moped professional committee, the country has more than 700 electric bicycle production, annual output value of more than 6 billion yuan, from 1998 in 54000, production has risen to more than 250 in 2003, is expected to reach 3.5 million in 2004, nearly half of them would have to export. That is why need the reason of electric bicycle review. 

   As early as the 7th national electric bicycle information communication will come out at the annual meeting, China has become the world's largest production base of electric bicycle and consumer markets. But now, our country related laws and regulations standard is only one of the electric bicycle is in the revision of the GB17761-1999 "electric bicycle general technical conditions" and some provincial and municipal administrative laws and regulations, with foreign related regulations on the project and specific requirements vary greatly, brings to the electric bicycle import and export trade and inspection business great inconvenience, set the import and export of electric bicycle inspection procedures is the urgent needs for inspection business. Do regularly for everyone's safety and interests, electric bicycle review, still very necessary. 

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