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Trucks manufacturers and development

Dec 10, 2015

   Truck manufacturer, just as its name implies, is the truck production manufacturers. And as trucks manufacturer's innovation and improvement, and a new definition. Is the official name of the Truck (Truck) for Truck, carry goods and goods is in form of a car, including dump Truck, tractor Truck, off-road and roadless areas of off-road trucks and all kinds of specially made for special needs, such as the airport shuttle buses, fire engines and ambulances, tankers, container tow trucks, etc.). 

   Truck manufacturer in the process of manufacture of truck, by truck running principle for manufacturing. In the life. When we start the car engine produces the power, and will drive to the gearbox, power through the gears in the gearbox to high speed small torque power into low speed large torque power, again through the drive shaft to drive the rear axle, drive axle driving rear wheel rotation, then a car movement. 

   With the development of international science and technology, by truck manufacturer of continuous innovation, the truck has the very big development. In 1896, Germany Daimler successfully created the first truck in the world. On July 14, 1956, the first batch of a total of 12 "jiefang truck" from the first car manufacturer under sail, marks the birth of China automobile industry. In 1969, China's second automobile factory (now the dongfeng automobile company) to start building. On July 1, 1975, "dongfeng" series of 2.5 tons of suvs in the second car factory in hubei shiyan formally put into production. Second car factory construction is a milestone in China's automobile industry, it is the Chinese themselves is complete, no one in the process of construction of foreign technical personnel to assist, it marks the development of Chinese auto industry has reached a higher level.

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