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The truck capacity and fuel tank volume

Dec 10, 2015

   Trucks, also called van, means the car is mainly used to transport goods, is also sometimes used to describe can be drawing other vehicles car, belongs to the commercial vehicle category. But for a truck, how to calculate the capacity of the truck? The truck is how to calculate the weight? Can generally be in accordance with the weight of the building cars are divided into two kinds of heavy and light. Vehicles are usually made of engine, chassis, body, electrical equipment of four parts. So, the following will introduce truck capacity calculation method. 

   Installation dimensions refers to a car body length, body width and body height. Body length, simple car length direction of the distance between the poles endpoint. Body width is the body the distance between the outer sheet metal the metal dots, general car front wheel position is one of the most wide eyebrow. Body height is to point to: a car in a horizontal road, the tyre manufacturers specified standard tire pressure to cases, the vertical distance from the ground to the roof peak. Now a lot of body height is adjustable function, ensure the safety of driving. So, the truck capacity can be calculated by length X width X height. Of course, this also is the different types of trucks. 

   And, for tank volume, the volume can measure a car the size of the bearing oil capacity ability. The size of the tank in the car's fuel consumption has a direct relationship, generally a tank of gas and can travel 500 km above, such as hundreds of kilometers of 10 litres of car, tank volume is around 60 litres. Tank volume of each model is different, the same model car tank volume of different brands are not the same, because there is no national standard. But auto makers are commonly follow a law, that is filled with oil in the tank support 600 km or so commonly, not less than 500 kilometers. In fact, the fuel tank and truck capacity, volume reflects this kind of ability, hope that we can know these little knowledge. 

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