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Tire size and the size of the specification

Dec 10, 2015

   If you want to know the tire size, first have to know the type of tires. Tire types are: international standard tire code, said section for the unit with the mm height and the percentage of flat than. Followed by: tire type code, rim (inches) in diameter, load index (allowable bearing quality code), the allowable speed code. For example: 175/70 r 14 77 H in 175 on behalf of the tire width is 175 mm, 70 says the flat tire cross-section ratio is 70%, namely the section height is 70% of the width, the rim diameter is 14 inches, load index 77, allowable speed is class H. The following will introduce  the tire size and specifications. 


   The specifications of the imperial vassal state adopted for Britain in the past, the unit in inches. 18 4 H pr as 4.00, it indicates that the four inches wide, suitable for the speed under 210 km/H, tire rims for 18 inches in diameter, 4 line strength. Metric representation, is currently account for the characteristics of the tire is complete, it and the system of representation is but seems to cancel the "-" low pressure tire marks, and replace with "R" word, said radiation layer of tire, such as FZR400 R18 is 140/60 of the rear wheel of 64 h, including R18 R indicates that the tire radial tire. It can clearly understand the tire size from all sides. 


   General tyre specification can be described as: [tire mm wide] / [percentage] tires thick and wide R [wheel diameter (inches)] [load coefficient] [speed identification] or [tire mm wide] / [as a percentage of tires thick and wide] [speed identification] R [wheel diameter (inches)]] [load coefficient such as tires, R14 88 H 195/65 or 195/65 H R15 88 can be interpreted as: tire -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the percentage of the 195 m tires thick and wide for -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 65%, namely thickness = 126.75, 126.75/195 * 100% = 100% wheel diameter -- -- -- -- -- - 88 15 inches load coefficient, velocity coefficient -- -- -- -- -- H. In general, [tire width] / [percentage] tires thick and wide R [wheel diameter (inches)] know helpful to fit your car tires. Understand the load coefficient of the tire, speed signs, and tire size help for driving safety. 

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