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The Leather weight and calculation methods

Dec 10, 2015

For some businesses, generally do not consider to leather weight. And the leather weight to understand roughly the weight of the leather, is the significance of which can calculate the leather cost and price. If calculating the leather weight, it was based on the weight per meter, is refers to the finished leather per meter of grams of weight. To introduce the following leather weight calculation method. 

    Leather weight calculation method is: the finished product weight per meter (g/m) = (meridian quantitative practising discount rate + leatherl quantitative x x the discount rate) present dyeing and finishing shrinkage (1) the discount rate: smelting turnning yarn after dyeing and finishing (silk). Different leather contains impurities is different, different technology will also make the same raw material refining different discount rate. Commonly used raw materials refined folding rate is as follows: mulberry silk: 75 ~ 80% mulberry silk, spun silk 95 ~ 98%, 90 ~ 95% silk noil yarn: 88 ~ 93% viscose, wool: 97% cotton, hemp: 95% (92%, bleaching, mercerizing) synthetic leather: 99% (2) the shrinkage and dyeing, dyeing and finishing shrinkage ratio refers to the length of the leather before and after dyeing dyeing and finishing shrinkage = grey silk weft density present the finished silk weft density = length of finished product present billet length square meters silk weight (g/m2) silk weight (g/m2) = silk weight per meter (g) present width (m). This is the leather weight calculation method, I believe, will help you.  

   For the  leather weight  of the unit is gram weight to calculate. Gram weight leather generally is grams, the weight of the square meters leather gram weight is an important technical index for knitted leather, woollen cloth is usually the gram weight is an important technical indicators. Denim leather gram are generally use "ounces (OZ)" to express, namely the leather weight on the number of ounces per square yard, such as 7 ounces, 12 OZ denim, etc; Among this, of course, also involves the effective width of the leather, commonly used in inches or centimeters, common are 36 inches, 44 inches, 56-60 inches, etc., are called in the narrow, with wide, higher than 60 inches leather for the extra-width breadth, generally is often called wide cloth, in today's China, the leather width can reach 360 cm wide. Width generally mark at the back of the density, such as: 3 mentioned in leather with width is expressed as: "45 x45/108 x58/60" "the width is 60 inches. Many aspects of calculating the leather weight, will consider more comprehensive, the cost of bookin

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