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Fabric capacity

Dec 10, 2015

The fabric capacity, that is to say, the use of the fabric performance, such as softness, bending degree, etc., firm soft degree refers to fabric bending rigidity and softness. Bending stiffness is refers to the fabric's ability to fight its curved shape change, often used to evaluate the opposite characteristics --, softness. The fabric was closely related to the mechanical properties of flexible and fabric, it refers to the degree of softness and soft fabric, fabric shape and appearance characteristics of stability, a direct impact on the ability of the fabric, the fabric will be a great help for us. 

    In fact, the ability of fabric, also more than that, for example, fabric performance, durable performance of the fabric, etc. For the ability of the fabric, here are specific to explain. Fabric performance: the fabric is in use process by mechanical force, heat, water and various other forms of physical chemistry's performance. Fabric durable performance under the action of mechanical force damage has two types: (1) the damage under the action of mechanical force in time; (2) under the action of repeated the accumulation of damage.  

    However, the fabric capacity, after strength beyond a certain limit, also can produce certain harm. Such as the stress of the tensile failure form similar to fiber, yarn; Tearing failure forms of stress along the direction of crack is tear the fabric; Roof failure form of stress is to make the fabric in a direction perpendicular to the plane table of external force, destroyed by the top wear. Index of geotechnical engineering in the engineering properties of fabric, and according to the needs of engineering, forming four different tensile damage indicators: narrow grasp the tensile strength, tensile strength, tensile strength and wide wide ASTM tensile strength.So, I see the good and bad fabric, fabric these fabric will believe that you will have some protection. 

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