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Thread review and instructions

Dec 10, 2015

   Thread review, is on the quality of the thread detection, and to the requirements of the standard on a regular basis. Thread in order to product qualified to judge according to the provisions, the thread specification products processing and inspection control, formulates this specification. But thread review, also with the passage of time, and regulations of the state, the specification of some standard thread review. The following specific introduction thread review tool - points to gauge and check gauge. 

   Gauge, thread detection, use at two, gauge and check gauge is the limit of detection of screw thread of large diameter value and limit of path. As long as the general rules, check gauge but is qualified. Thread review gauge is accurate. Rule is: check gauges to enter no more than 2.5 times, general requirement is that the actual must not exceed 2 laps, and can't use strength big, our experience is the thumb and index finger gently gripping thread gauge will be subject to just can turn the screw thread gauge efforts. Thread ring gauge, we are five fingers hold, and evenly distributed on the thread ring gauge, palm impending, spin thread ring gauge with finger force. Threaded through the two gauge review, not only convenient, also very accurate. 

   However, the review the screw in the specification, the application of this specification to guide and statement: A, the applicability of this specification on the premise of the correctness of the tooth type processing. When the grinding tool is not good/collapse knife type dental defects caused by the plating processing using this specification before decision does not ensure that finished products must be qualified; The applicability of the B, this specification also need to ensure that no other accident factors. C, internal thread affected by plating or not influenced by electroplating. These instructions and statements have some warning, I hope you in the later thread  review, not only should pay attention to review may appear problem, or damage on its own. 

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