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What is the fire hose reel system

Dec 10, 2015

   A lot of people don't know what is the fire hose reel system? First of all, we first understand the fire hose reel. Fire hose reel is composed of valve, input line, spokes, supporting frame, rocker arm, hose and spray gun parts, such as water for fire extinguishing agent, can be in the process of the hose on fast injection agent fire extinguishing apparatus. General installation in indoor fire hydrant box, is a new type of indoor fixed fire protection system. This can explain clearly what is fire hose reel system? 

   Fire hose reel system applicable to save class A carbohydrates, such as paper, wood, and at the beginning of the material such as cotton and linen fabric fire. Reference standard GB 197 common thread tolerance and cooperation (1 ~ 355 mm in diameter), GB 6246 lining fire hose performance requirements and test method of GB 7956 fire trucks and fire control performance requirements and test methods, and its role is on fire, fire department connection pipes with it to put out the fire. Know what is the fire hose reel system, for later use, I think it shouldn't be a problem. 

   In general, fire hose systems placed in the high-level hotel, office building, a class of important construction of commercial buildings, exhibition building, such as complex building and building height of more than 100 m other high-rise building, the reel should be set fire, its water consumption is not included in the total fire water. What if that is what is the fire hose reel system, only in practice, to be more impressive. Fire reel spacing shall ensure that there is a flow can reach any part of the indoor ground, fire reel installation height should be easy to use, flexible motion without resistance. Appropriate fire reel chuan mouth diameter of 25 mm; Equipped with the tape inside diameter of not less than 19 mm; The reel fire nozzle diameter not less than 6.00 mm. Generally in a red fire compartment, usually installed in a more convenient and easier to fire the area around the walls, surrounding generally have a fire extinguisher, fire alarm. 

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