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What does fire hose mean

Dec 10, 2015

   Who is familiar with the fire control knowledge, know fire hose, also want to know what does fire hose mean? Fire hose is used to transport such as high pressure water or foam fire retardant liquid hose. The traditional fire hose with rubber lining, outside surface wrapped in linen woven fabrics. Advanced fire hose is made of polyurethane polymer materials such as. The two ends of the fire hose has metal joint, can be connected to another hose to extend from or connected to the nozzle to the increase of liquid jet pressure. That I think the appearance of fire hose and use in our daily life, it is clear explanation: what does fire hose mean? 

   In fact, for anything, all need to maintenance, fire hose is not exceptional also, above, this paper introduces what does fire hose mean, below is to popularize the fire hose of maintenance: (1) management. To implement the personnel management, grading, serial number, to certify the use of water quality and in time. (2) to store. Should be specifically set location or storage room, long-term storage of spare hose should choose warm, ventilated place to store, on the water hose should be single roll stand with the rack, turning twice a year or exchange frilled edge. The accessory hose each other to avoid friction, if necessary, to exchange frilled edge. (3) using aspects. Laying should avoid sudden twists and turns, reverse to avoid after water filling forcibly dragged on the ground, to avoid oil, acid, alkali and other corrosive chemicals contact; In may a flame or strong radiation area, cotton or hemp qualitative hose should be adopted; High water when you stretch belt hook; Through railway through below, should track through the road, the hose should be fitted bridge; To prevent hose and angular contact with hard objects, forcible entry building, do not cast to the hose on the board, steel and other items; Hose should be cleaned after using it; Cold area should be used on the outside of the building stretch lining hose. (4) repair. Find bugs when using, should be timely with package cloth dress, in order to avoid holes expand, and make the mark, use after repair in time. At ordinary times should be regularly check, found damaged, repair in a timely manner. Hope to help you. 

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