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What is fire hose and its use

Dec 10, 2015

   When it comes to fire hose, everyone not unfamiliar, certainly so what is fire hose? If on fire control knowledge don't understand, may not be too much. Fire hose is used to transport such as high pressure water or foam fire retardant liquid hose. The traditional fire hose with rubber lining, outside surface wrapped in linen woven fabrics. The two ends of the fire hose has metal joint, can be connected to another hose to extend from or connected to the nozzle to the increase of liquid jet pressure. Know what is the fire hose, then here to know about the classification and function of fire hose.


  It introduces what is the fire hose, the classification of it? Fire hose divided into two categories, with lining and without lining. Lining fire hose including cotton, nylon line, polyester filling glue, glue hemp qualitative plastic coated hose. No lining hose water hose with cotton, flax, ramie hose. According to the work under the pressure of 0.8 MPa, 1.0 MPa, 1.3 MPa, 1.6 MPa four classes. According to the diameter is divided into 50, 65, 80 or 65, 90 mm four classes. According to the weaving method divided into two categories, twill plain hose and hose. Each water saving with the length of the general rules for 20 meters. 

  Fire hose is at the scene of the fire water hose. According to the materials can be divided into lining lining fire hose and fire hose. With no lining fire hose, low pressure, resistance is big, easy to leak, and easy to mildew corrosion, short service life, suitable for building the laid in the fire; Have lining hose high pressure resistance, wear resistance, resistance to mildew corrosion, durable, and not easy to leak, small resistance, can be arbitrarily curved fold, random move, use convenient, suitable for external fire laid and connected to the fire. Before use, to check whether the interface sealing ring and valve is a complete works. Winter season to try to heat preservation, prevent freezing failure. Wash clean with clear water after use to be. Through the above details, I believe you more clear of what is a fire hose. Hope to help you. 

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