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Paper price as we know

Dec 10, 2015

  Different paper have different price, and how much do you know about the paper price? Paper price may be high and may be low it depends on the material of paper or the process of it.

  Paper price of the Chinese painting and calligraphy may be high. Because they are used for calligraphy and painting. Such as, yuanshu paper, rice paper, deckle-edged, etc. Yuanshu paper use the bamboo, bark, cloth, old hemp and straw plant fiber as its raw material. After soaking, cooking, nature made paper pulp bleaching, grinding, and then press it then hang it on the wall to dry it. It is easy to absorb ink. Rice paper is the ebony trees’ bark and a small amount of rice straw as raw material. Rice paper is suitable for painting and calligraphy, it has good quality and so the paper price is high.

  Mail letter paper is a kind of extremely thin single writing paper.it is mainly used for sealing paper stamp paper backing and to contain the letters. Now it is widely used in cosmetics, such as fruit and food packaging and cigarette liner. After printing and waxing it can make candy wrappers, which also can instead of typing paper and copy paper for printing documents. Therefor, it requires good quality and toughness, transparency, tension and so on.

  Paper price for toilet paper is low, so the price is changing all the time.

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