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type of paper as we know

Dec 10, 2015

How many type of paper do you know? We can see many different kinds of paper in our daily life. So, what type of paper you know?

type of paper as we know

There are so many type of paper. Such as book paper, coated paper, dumb powder paper, gray paperboard, white cardboard, specialty paper and so on. 

First of all we will talk about the book paper. Normally we can see from the common novel inside pages, the thin paper is book paper. The weight is about 60-120 gram. It has good ink absorption function. But due to the rough feelings, the printing things on it also give us a impression that it is very tough. But it is a kind of creative as to speak.

During the type of paper we have to know the coated paper. We also call it powder paper, both sides of it are light and smooth, we often use it in pictorial poster. It is much more delicate, about 105-300 gram. However, because of all the books are in use, many designers do not like to use this type of paper now.

About the mute powdered paper, the two sides of it do not glance and it often be used in the pictorial poster, about 105-300 gram. It is relatively rich, but now many people use it and the pictorial basic are all in the dumb power with this kind of paper.

All in all, there are many type of paper, and we often see them in our daily life, every type of paper has its special use, so we have to know more about it and make full use of it.

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