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Paper quality as we know

Dec 10, 2015

Do you know what paper is made of? Someone knows, but someone not. People who know the answer may answer you that the paper is made of wood, and the material is a tree. ButDo you know the paper quality? And how to distinguish paper quality? What`s more, what about the packaging and printing?

What is printing and textiles? To know these questions, we have to do a survey.

We all know that there are many different kinds of paper, paper quality are different from each other, so today we will talk about the paper quality as we know. Therefore, to find out how we packaging and printing the paper.

We cut the trees from the forest and transport them to the paper produce factory. After a series of process, the paper is coming out. If we use high technology ways to produce the paper. Then, the paper quality would be much more high, on the contrary, if we make it with simple process, the paper quality would be low.

In all, the paper quality is different, but the packaging’s are all the same like. We print letters on the paper. That is the significance of the paper usage. We often package it with labels and bundles. The printing is also important to us. So, we should do our best to ensure the paper quality, because it directly influences our visions. We should be responsible to ourselves.

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