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Fabric quality

Dec 6, 2015

To the requirement of the fabric quality, is the basic guarantee of the quality of fabric, the specifications conform to the requirements, at the same time in order to make the fabric fabric quality standard rules are hereby formulated. One of those, need to determine the reasonable value of k, this not only need to consider the defect is often associated with the variety of production difficulty, namely the production varieties, the greater the difficulty the higher the risk of fault. Blind pursuit of high quality is not the reality. So when determining k value, want to consider the characteristics of varieties. So, it has a lot to do with fabric quality standard request.


   In fact for the basic quality requirement of fabric, also is the fabric quality standard requirements. Qualified fabric should meet the following requirements. Inspection should be attention to every detail. If necessary, can take some project to do a directory, in order to prevent the omission. K value are also associated with the customer's requirements, if the customer to high quality requirement of fabric, K value should be slightly lower. K value is associated with the value of the fabrics, fabrics of high value, the K value should be slightly lower. K value should be on both sides of supply and demand for quality.   

In the general case for conventional fabric, preferable the whole batch of large cargo is not more than 25 K value, single is not greater than 35. Varieties of production is difficult, desirable batch is not greater than 30 K values, single is not more than 40. 

   However, in addition to these basic values of k, the appearance of the fabric and handle in accordance with customer requirements or confirmation sample fabric technical requirements are divided into two aspects of inner quality and appearance quality. Inner quality refers to the physical quality, physical properties and color fastness, etc 

   Indicators: appearance quality including local defect and walking defect. So, if in the process of production, can accurate judgment, and calculate the values of k and standard request, the fabric quality will not have to worry about. 

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