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container price

Dec 6, 2015

As the rapid development of international sea transport, container price has been considered as an important factor for international companies. It is essential for them to find out what will affect the container price.

When it comes to container price, there is question that often be asked. “Own or lease?” The question has long lain at the heart of container-shipping strategy. From our analysis, the industry typically relies too much on leasing. While leasing may be the only option for many cash-strapped liners that already have substantial debt, other lines should take advantage of this by owning more of their fleet. Leasing does provide a little more flexibility to change vessel deployment. But that breathing room often comes at too high a price

When we talk about container price, we also need to know that stowage planning and container-fleet management are crucial levers to optimize asset utilization. Done well, a company can even reduce its fleet. New software tools can help with stowage planning. A “cockpit” can help companies develop smart metrics and use them to guide the company. A target performance analyzer shows the deviation between planned and actual stowage.

 At time of purchase and also in maintenance and repair. A review of the total cost of ownership can reveal some surprising anomalies; the container with the cheapest purchase price often costs the most in the long run. Companies can get more strategic by building price forecasts of dry containers, which can help them decide when to pull the trigger on new purchases and negotiate those in progress. There are all not only important for container price but also will influence the whole industry.

After having a basic idea about what will influence the container price, you might also understand that for international transportation, there are so many factors that can affect the cost of the final transportation, in turn, the price of the products will be affected too.

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