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container type

Dec 6, 2015

When we talk about container  type, we are talking about what kind of products they are suitable with. Container type is a very important issue for  international transportation. For most people, they might think there is only one type of container.

The idea of creating different container type that could be loaded onto trucks, moved to trains or ships and then loaded back onto trucks was conceived by a small time truck hauler from Maxton, North Carolina, by the name of Malcolm McLean. On a trip to deliver cargo to the Port of Hoboken, he had to wait half the day while the trucks in front of him were unloaded piece by piece and then loaded on to the ships. It struck him that the cargo could remain in the trucks and the trucks containers could be placed on the ships. It took him another 15 years and many hurdles including the purchase of a small shipping company to realize his dream.

You may want to know why do we need different container type. In order to reduce the time and expense of loading a truck with goods and then unloading and loading those goods on to ships only to repeat the process at the port of destination, McLean greatly improved the process by removing the loaded container from the chassis.To enhance the process even more and in order to stack the containers in a more efficient manner, the next step was to standardize the size of the containers so that all trucks, trains, ships and ports around the word, could handle the containers.

This standardization of container type had global impact on world trade because it allowed manufacturers to load goods at the factories and ship directly to stores and warehouses without having to unload and transfer cargo along the way. This one innovation substantially impacted globalization because shipping became so inexpensive that manufacturing could locate far from customers, bringing consumers an unimaginable variety of low cost goods from anywhere in the world.Currently, there are 5,000 freighters carrying over 14 million containers to ports all over the world.

As the development of international business, the variety of container type has become more and more. No matter what kind of products, there is a suitable container, so that these products can be delivered to any place on the earth. 

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