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Measure width of fabric

Dec 6, 2015

It is universally acknowledged that fabric plays an important role in our daily life. But have you concerned about the width of fabric? Do you know the meaning of test the width of fabric? Today, I want to introduce the way and meaning to test the width of fabric to you.


 The testing on width of fabric means a lot in industry and our daily life, for the reason that we need to use different size fabric in different conditions. Well, we should know what the width of fabric is first. It means we should test the outside edge to the other side of the side outside along the distance of the fabric, and the fabric is placed in the condition of no tension, no wrinkle and no folding.

  This test method covers the measure on width of fabric, pile or suede width, or both. Besides, it can be applied to test the whole roll of fabric as well as the short samples from the roll fabric. It is very easy, what we need is just rulers. But rulers also have many types, like metal ruler, vernier caliper, micrometer caliper and so on. We should choose different rulers according the fabric we tested. In addition, we are supposed to measure for several times so we can get a average data, that data is the width of fabric we need. 

  Maybe someone will wonder why we should measure the width of fabric. Well, it is widely used in the connection of the supplier and the one pick up the goods. As we all know, measure the width of fabric is the key part in the process of inspection. In addition, when we buy some fabric product, we should also know its width so we can know whether is suitable for us or not.

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