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The way to test leather quality

Dec 6, 2015

 Nowadays, there is an increasing number of people tends to buy leather products, like clothes, shoes, furniture and so on. But do you know how to test leather quality? How can you know whether you buy a good leather product? Today, I will tell you how to test leather quality.


  There is no doubt that we concern most about leather quality when we buy a leather product. We have four steps to test the quality of a leather product. First of all, in order to know its quality, we can touch the leather with our hand first. Use your hand to touch the surface of leather, if you can have a feeling of soft, smooth and elastic, it states that the leather quality is good. Then, observe the surface of the leather with your eyes. If the leather quality is excellent, you can see pores and decorative pattern on the surface apparently, and you cannot see any textiles on the reverse of the leather. 

  In addition, use your nose to smell it. Generally, if the leather is in good quality, it does not have the peculiar smell. In the other word, if you can smell some peculiar smell apparently, do not buy it. Last, if you still cannot recognize after using your hands, eyes and nose, then burn it with fire. The smell of burning leather in good quality is the same as burning hair, and it can be knead into grinding with finger after burning. However, this way is not used frequently in test leather quality in our daily life. 

  After reading this passage, I think you have known how to test leather quality clearly. And there is no doubt that you can buy a leather produce in good quality with these ways. I hope this article can help you to buy the excellent leather you like.

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