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Leather brand

Dec 6, 2015

  It is universally acknowledged that leather is becoming more and more popular nowadays. But many people have no idea about leather brand, so today I will introduce some leather brand to you and I hope it can help you if you want to buy a leather produce.

  First of all, we should know something about leather. What is leather? Leather is leather furniture of leather tools, such as leather sofas, leather bags, leather gloves and others products. Generally, leather also includes clothes, shoes, handbooks, handbag, purse and so on which are made of leather. 

  Then let us talk about leather brand. There is no doubt that the best leather brand is Louis Vuitton, we also call it LV. LV was founded in 1854 in Paris. With its excellent quality, outstanding creativity and superb technology, LV become a symbol of fashion art and become the best one in leather field. At the same time, its price is extremely high. 

  Although Chanel is famous for its perfume and fashion, it also does a good job in leather field. Founded in 1913 in Paris, Channel ranks No2 in leather field. What is more, Gucci, Dior, Hermes, Prada, Armani, Fendi and Coach also are famous leather brand all over the world. Among them, Fendi only sold leather and woman-bags. It is easy to found that all of these leather brands are foreign brands, for the reason than the leather market in China is still developing, and I hold the belief that the Chinese leather brand will rank top 10 in the world in the future. 

  There is no denying that we want to buy good leather, in my opinion, we can choose the leather brand which were mentioned above trustingly. Each of them has their own style and character, but what can be sure is that their leather products are excellent. 

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