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Fabric manufacturer

Dec 6, 2015

  As we all know, there are many kinds of fabric, like clothes textiles, home textiles, industry textiles and so on. Different kind of fabric has different fabric manufacturer. Today, I want to introduce some fabric manufacturers which are focus on home textiles to you. 

  First of all, we should know what home textiles are. As an important part of fabric, home textiles also called “soft adornment” in bedroom adornment, and it plays a decisive role in construct environment. Nowadays, home textiles industry had transformed its own personality and consumption style, it is becoming more and more popular in fabric market.

Then, I will introduce some excellent fabric manufacturer in home textiles industry to you.

  After doing lots of research, someone ranked top ten fabric manufacturer in home textiles industry in China. The No.1 is LuoLai, founded in 1999 in Shanghai. It is the earliest fabric manufacturer involving home textiles in China, and it is a home textiles industry with its own unique style. And Luolai Home textiles had gained lots of honor for its good quality and advanced technology. 

  What is more, Fu Anna ranks No 2 in home textiles market. I believe most of us have heard this brand. Founded in 1994, through 18 years hard work, Fu Anna finally transforms its own art style and become a famous brand. And the characters of its home textiles are exquisite workmanship, high quality fabric and unique style. If you want to choose a fabric manufacturer, I think Fu Anna also a good choice.

  Besides, there are still a lot excellent fabric manufacturer do a good job in home textiles fields, such as ShuiXing Home textiles, MengJie Home textiles, Kasen Home textiles and so on. All in all, I hope this article can help you to choose the home textiles you like.

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