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Truck Tire Weight

Dec 6, 2015

   Do you know the truck tire weight? We generally truck into car and dragging plate two parts. Front the general length of about three meters five, power is determined by the different specifications of the engine power. Distinguish between the standard is the number of axles (bridge) after; Drag of two bridge (bridge), there are two shaft of the rear wheel of eight tyre number of different, carrying the goods weight is a large difference between the two. Especially the deadweight of check and ratify, highways department is on the basis of the inspection on collection of trucks. That how much is the truck tire weight ?


   Weight almost entirely focused on suspension system, and suspension components were all likely to reduce weight, because of suspension parts of shipment is very frequent, too much weight will affect its operating flexibility, driving comfort, line drive stationarity, serious when still can produce heavy drag in acceleration, like to let you put on a pair of weighing 20 jins iron shoes to go in for the100 meters. So, car designers will reduce the weight of the hanging below, use lighter and stronger at the same time has good heat dissipation function of alloy materials. In fact, for it is difficult to measure the weight of a large truck, but take it apart to measure, is much easier. Like the truck tire weight. 

   It is worth noting that the above request are often contradictory. Such as the traits of big load of tire tread wear quickly, life is short; Comfortable soft tyres, its ability to withstand tangential force is poor; Reduce the rolling resistance, oil-saving effect is good, but the steering stability and affected. To solve these contradictions, also further promote the tyre technology progress, make the tire structure, materials and manufacturing technology for continuous improvement and improve. To the requirement of these tyres, I want to make tyres, have to consider. So for the truck tire weight, it is easy to measure. 

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