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Truck Tire Size

Dec 6, 2015

   Have you ever seen a truck, seen truck tires, but do you know the the truck tires size? Tire classification according to the use, including truck tires, passenger tires and mining tires and other species. Tire size commonly used a set of digital representation, the previous figures show that the tire section width, said after a rim diameter, in inches. The below we will introduce the truck tires size. 


   Before about truck tires size, to understand the type of tag. Tire model tag mostly form such as: 215/70 r15, the meaning of these Numbers are: 215 indicates the tread width, the unit is mm, general tyre between 145-285 mm, the width of interval to 10 mm; 70 was flat, the height and width of the tread of the tire wall ratio, 70 representing 70%, generally flat tyres than between 30% - 80%, R is the abbreviation of English Radial, said tires for radiation layer structure, 15 is the rim diameter, the unit is inches. If some tyre mark shape such as: 6.00-12, indicating that it is not a radial tyre, bias tyre, this kind of tyre is very rare in the car, because of its security, load capacity and high stability is poor, so only in some low-grade off-road vehicles and heavy truck applications. 


   So you buy the tire specifications must and the original car assembly tire specifications, such as a need to change a tire specifications must go to professional shop upgrade the tires, car manufacturers or counseling. Selection of different specifications of decorative pattern is not the same. Because of different specifications of the truck, so that corresponds to the truck tires size. So, when you buy, it is important to note. 

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