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Fire truck weight and tonnage is introduced

Dec 6, 2015

    If you want to know fire truck weight, first understand the fire brigade. Fire engines is also known as fire trucks (foreign names: the fire engine), appeared in 1518, is specially used for fire fighting purposes or other emergency rescue vehicles. Fire can be divided by function pump truck (pumped) a car, truck and other special vehicles. Fire engines just like some big trucks, the weight to be reckoned with. So we together to learn about fire truck weight.


    At present domestic mainstream fire engines, such as dongfeng, liberation, heavy truck, isuzu chassis as the main bearing, the tonnage is mainly divided into the following kinds: 1. Dongfeng bully-boy fire trucks, 2 tons; 2. Small isuzu truck, 2 tons; 3. Jiangling fire trucks, 2 tons; 4. Fire truck dongfeng dolly card, 3 tons; 5. Dongfeng 140 fire engines, 3.5 tons; 6. Dongfeng 145 fire engines, 5 tons; 7. Dongfeng 153 fire engines, 6 tons; 8. Heavy truck fire Howard single bridge, 8 tons; 9. Sinotruk, Howard build engines, 15 tons. 10. Big isuzu truck, 6 tons; 11. Big isuzu build engines, 15 tons; 12. The east after the first four eight fire engines, 20 tons. So, this is the current  some mainstream fire truck weight's information. 

   Of course, the heavier fire truck weight, that is not the materials used in general. Fire truck is equipped with a variety of fire equipment, fire fighting apparatus of the floorboard of the various types of fire fighting vehicle, is currently the fire forces to fight the fire's main tool, is the most basic mobile fire fighting equipment. Truck's quality level, reflect the level of a national fire-fighting equipment, even the country's level of the whole fire career.

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