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Fabric width and testing methods

Dec 6, 2015

   For the fabric width, the word, you may be a stranger, and until now, there is no international approval fabric testing standards, but in Western Europe and the United States and other places have their common 10-point evaluation method, four point evaluation method to control the fabric defects, the two is the most commonly used system. The following is to introduce a comment about cloth width method.


   This kind of comment on the fabric width method is ten "evaluation method. This test standard is applicable to any degree of fiber ingredients, sealing and woven fabric and finishing on the cloth of the organization. Due to the general concern for buyers because of the defect of the fabric cut off by the quantity and cause of the complaint, is not the defect of u or cause, so the evaluation method is according to the size of the defect assessment level. Assessment method is the inspectors according to the defect criteria check each fabric defect, record on the report, and give penalty points, as the grade evaluation of the fabric. 

   In addition to the special statement, otherwise perching limited to check cloth defect. In addition, at the edge of the fabric defect can not ignore within half an inch. Fabric per yard of the defects and line defects score sum shall not exceed 10 points; In other words, even if many defects or very serious, the highest penalty points is just 10 points. If the length of the defect in a lot of repetition, in this case, even if the sum of penalty points than by the customs code number is small, the horse cloth should be rated as "subprime". B. grade evaluation: according to the result of inspection, will be like a horse assessment for the "head" or "subprime" quality quality. If the sum of the penalty points were more ping's mother number is small, the piece of cloth has been rated as "heads. If the penalty points total more than by the customs code number, the fabric has been rated as" subprime ". Due to the broad cloth seal attached defect opportunity is bigger, so when the fabric width of more than 50 inches heads. The punishment according to the grades of cloth we can relax, but should not be more than 10%. This is the most basic fabric width reviews and testing method. Hope everyone help. 

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