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Leather supplier

Dec 6, 2015

    Leather supplier, as the name implies, is the leather supply dealer. So what is a gold supplier? "Gold supplier" south China leather city network in view of the high quality suppliers to launch an enterprise qualification certification, obtained the certification of enterprise can win the purchaser to a great extent, so as to stand out in the vast amounts of suppliers, and foster a good brand image in the network. So, for gold merchants to become leather supplier, that should have what conditions?

    As the "gold supplier" required condition is: 1, through the south China leather city network authentication service: enterprise business license verification, head of id authentication 2, the field of the door through a third party official certification bodies: validation offices, enterprise production, the official registration of real 3, continuing operations, business continued for more than three years but not more than 4, the good faith management, no defaults and delinquencies markets such as bad record 5, enterprise production scale is not lower than RMB five million per year. Only do such condition, can achieve the gold supplier of leather supplier. 

   Leather supplier, of course, if a gold supplier, can enjoy the following privileges: 1, honor "gold supplier" logo, shaping brand image 2, online information ranking priority, the same condition, gold supplier information search rank 3, enjoy treatment of key platform support, priority to participate in the platform online 4 series of promotional activities, honour enjoy enquiries are recommended, dedicated customer service, photo/privilege of information processing, electric business students and so on And gold supplier qualification application process: apply supplier - south China city of leather net staff to accept the information as requested by the certification and audit supplier, approval, release, and for the record. This is also a gold suppliers, the leather needs to be done. 

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